Congratulations to 2016 Challenge Race Winners

300 Challenge Race winner was Servi Leiva, Rambo Loft, winning 1st and 2nd place. Servi came to Spring Hill from Cuba, and has been a top flyer. Congratulations to this very nice young man who works hard with the birds. The 1st place winner was bred by Juan Rodriguez, Palmetto Bay, FL. The 2nd place winner was bred by Carlos Flores, Cape Coral, FL. A more detailed article featuring winners and breeders will be published in the Racing Pigeon Digest.

2016 Challenge Race festivities

Challenge Race participants and guests enjoyed Italian Night on shipping night, catered by Rocco's Pizza. Race Night menu was BBQ, catered by BarbieCue. A selection of delicious desserts was donated by members.
Come join the party in 2017!

Annual Picnic and Young Bird Show

Best in Show

The Unit Ten Annual Picnic and Young Bird Show was held on Saturday, June 4th, with beautiful weather and an enthusiastic crowd. President Sal Lama was the grill master, turning out great sandwiches. Many homemade desserts/sides were brought by club members.
The Show was well represented by the members and out-of-area birds which were sent in for our Auction and Challenge races. The well-known judge Nick Cisco, originally from New York, did an outstanding job. Listed below are the winners:
Overall Best in Show
AU 16 AA 4307 Blue Pied Hen, Handler Sal Lama, Breeder Eric Edgemon, Barling, Arkansas (Auction bird)
Best Young Cocks
1st AU 16 GHC 2312 Blue, Tito Loft
2nd AU 16 U-Ten BR 226 Silver, Handler Sal Lama, Breeder Jerry Amato, Spring Hill, FL (Auction bird)
3rd AU 16 GHC 4333 Blue Wft, Jack Tedesco
Best Young Hens
1st AU 16 AA 4307 Blue Pied Hen, Handler Sal Lama, Breeder Eric Edgemon, Barling, Arkansas (Auction bird)
2nd AU 16 GHC 100002 Blue Ch, Don Hart
3rd AU 16 Denton 1241 Blue CH, Handler Douwe DeBoer, Breeder Abu Kibria, Flower Mt, TX (Challenge bird)
Special Thanks to Bird Supply Warehouse owner Mitch Dejlitko, who donated (3) bags of feed for the winners.
Young Bird season is just around the corner! Best of Luck to everyone.

Unit Ten Clubhouse


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